Concrete Cutting

We specialize in interior and exterior concrete cutting, as well as drilling and grinding

Concrete Cutting

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Interior and exterior concrete often need to be cut, ground, or drilled to access pipes and wires for repairs. Sometimes sections of old and hazardous sidewalks need to be cut out and replaced.

Other areas where concrete needs to be cut include plumbers, homeowners, property managers, and general contractors.

All too often, all the inner workings of a home or commercial property need to be accessed through the floor, ceiling, or wall

Professional Experience

These are not jobs you can do yourself, and nor should you attempt to try them. You need professionals with the right tools to come in, cut the right amount of concrete, get the repairs made, and then refill the cut area.

Professional Cutting

This is a highly complicated and involved process and not one to be attempted as a DIY project. You need to call in a professional to handle the job, regardless of the size. If this is in a business or home with concrete walls, you want the job to be done neatly, quickly, and with little mess. The last thing you want is a large hole in your wall while customers are there.

If you need to close your business to have repairs made, which is very often the case, you don’t want to risk losing much business. But there are at least three components to having a hole cut in your wall. The contractor needs to come in and make the hole. Depending on the size needed will invariably affect the time it is going to take. For plumbing issues, it may require a rather large opening. Then you need the plumber or electrician to come in and make the repairs. Hopefully, this goes smoothly and to your timetable, but it rarely happens. Missing parts, wrong parts, or the damage is worse than first thought.

Thoughtful Design

Once the repairs are made inside the wall, the wall now needs to be repaired, as well. In a warehouse or basement, you often don’t care too much about how the finished project looks. But if you have a restaurant, a retail business, or it is your own kitchen, then you need these to be repaired and made to look just like they did before the cutting started.

This would often add a fourth element to the entire process. Hopefully, you can use the same concentrator who installed the concrete to begin with and they can make the wall match up so the repair remains unnoticeable. A professional will have all the proper equipment and experience to do the job. You could become injured if you try this yourself or cause more damage to your home.

Due to the already existing plumbing or wiring behind the concrete, you have no idea what you may be cutting into. If you do get hurt or make a mistake, you may be out of luck getting coverage from your homeowner’s insurance. A diamond saw is needed to cut through the concrete.

You need an operator with extensive training and experience to cut through your wall, floor, or street

There are several different types of concrete-cutting services that we offer, and all serve a specific purpose. Whether you need a simple crack patch cut, or a new dock door in your ware house, we can handle it all.



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