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We have a variety of blades and saws to get the job done quickly and efficiently

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Cutting concrete is no easy feat, as you can well imagine. Here at Morgan Construction, we use electric, gas, and diesel saws to complete a wide variety of projects. We also have upright saws and handheld saws, each used for their own special purpose and need. Different blades are also needed for different projects, often requiring more than one at any given time.

Things to Consider

The hardness and thickness of the concrete will play a major role in the cutting process. Cutting too early in new concrete will cause the aggregate to be pulled out of place.

If you are cutting control joints, timing is everything

When you cut will also depend on the weather. Concrete dries differently in different weather. The best way to determine if it is ready is to make trial cuts to check for raveling. As soon as raveling stops, cutting should begin. Cutting too early can not only damage the concrete but the saw, as well. These saws and the blades are expensive and it’s best to keep them protected.


Blades can become damaged rather easily. Using them incorrectly can cause damage and possible injury. These are not toys or meant to be used for anything other than their specific purpose. Applying too much pressure on the blade can also harm the blade and make a mess of the concrete you are cutting. It can prematurely wear down the blade and require it to be replaced too often.

It is important that your blades are kept in prime condition. Blades with nicks or bends are dangerous and can get damaged even more in addition to damaging the concrete. It's also important to know what is underneath the concrete, especially if it is not freshly poured. There could be steel reinforcements, plumbing, or sewage pipes. It is important that the cuts are determined before cutting starts. Sawing is used to remove slabs inside the home or business to make repairs or add plumbing.

They are used to add or renovate a home or commercial property and cut:

  • Sidewalks
  • Roads
  • Gutters

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Saw Cutting

We have a variety of blades and saws to get the job done quickly and efficiently

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