Rock Splitting

If you're ready to build, we can help you by breaking up the old concrete and large rocks

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Commercial rock and concrete splitting are other services we offer. For a construction site to be ready to be built on, the old concrete and large rocks need to be broken up and removed. Obviously, this is a long and difficult process. It can be hard to know how deep it goes, what it was built on, and what else may be lurking in the depths below. Large slabs of rock and concrete need to be broken down before they can be taken out.


Even if there was no existing concrete in the proposed construction site, there are often large heavy rocks beneath the surface. Depending on your location, these can be extremely large and difficult to remove. There can also be other surprises deep down, so it is a process that takes some time. It is done in sections, moving across the construction site to clear all the rock for the proposed area.

Hydraulic Technology

This method doesn’t disturb the earth or the surrounding area. It is also safer and puts out less mess and noise than blasting the rocks or concrete.

When the concrete or rock that needs to be removed is extremely thick or dense, then breaking it up into smaller chunks is the best way to clear the area. These smaller chunks can be loaded and removed. This method is very useful when the rocks or concrete are in awkward or hard-to-reach areas. Splitting the rocks takes very little time and is an efficient and cost-effective method of clearing a construction site.

Alternate Methods

Rock splitting is typically done with a machine that has a sharp pointed end where it is drilled into the rock or concrete causing it to break apart. It is the quickest and cleanest way to remove large areas of rock or concrete.

Blasting rocks is often difficult, in particular, if it is near a residential or commercial area. Blasting disturbs the earth, and it can’t be controlled as rock splitting can. The equipment used comes in various sizes and is very adaptable. The larger splitters are attached to a large machine and the end can be replaced with a bucket to remove the broken rocks.


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Rock Splitting

If you're ready to build, we can help you by breaking up the old concrete and large rocks

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