Ring Sawing

Utilizing a diamond tip blade, ring sawing is a great way to make clean cuts in concrete, stone, and asphalt

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Common Applications

Another service we offer is ring sawing. There are many benefits of using ring saws, which are particularly useful, especially where clean corners are required. Diamond ring sawing is a technique that uses hand-operated, diamond-tipped ring saws to cut through all kinds of hard materials like:

  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Blockwork

Benefits of Ring Sawing

They can cut rather deep into the concrete if it is particularly thick, like double brick or thick concrete walls or floors. This type of saw is very efficient when it comes to avoiding over-cutting. They are very accurate and leave very clean cuts.

Primarily used to "square" corners of an opening

These saws don’t have a large motor so they are extremely handy for getting into tight or awkward places. They are also usually hydraulic or electric powered so they don’t let off fumes. This makes them the ideal saw for working indoors.

Professional Experience

The area needing to be cut is first marked off. Because ring saws are handheld, the operator has more control. It takes a steady hand and a trained professional to guide the ring saw. Ring saws are ideal for creating square corners and straight cuts. The diamond ring saws are the best option for cutting and enlarging windows, doorways, elevator shafts, and any opening that requires a precise and clean finish without the need for core drilling corners.

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Ring Sawing

Utilizing a diamond tip blade, ring sawing is a great way to make clean cuts in concrete, stone, and asphalt

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