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The process of commercial excavation can be difficult and time-consuming, but it's important that it's done correctly by professionals

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We have the ability to perform a complete excavation with Zero Emissions utilizing all electric equipment

Commercial excavation is the same as any other type of excavation, but often on a far larger scale. Clearing an area for commercial use often requires a lot of clearing. This can be old buildings, rocks, trees, and anything else that is in the way.

It also means digging down to make room for utilities like:

  • Power
  • Water
  • Sewage

The ground needs to be moved and compacted to allow for the foundation, and the foundation needs to be even and stable. An excavation for a commercial property requires heavy-duty equipment.

Of course, it is important that once you get down to the level you need, there will still be enough of a rock base to support the proposed new building. Sometimes, there are pockets of softer soil or clay.


There may already be an old commercial property in place, and that needs to be removed. This means steel, concrete, and old plumbing. It is not as easy as tearing down an old wooden house. The excavation needs to move slowly to make sure that all safety measures are in place. Depending on what was there before can resurface a lot of old pipes, tanks, and even openings, pockets, and tunnels.

Depending on where this excavation is taking place, there may be other nearby treasures that need to be protected. Old trees, landmarks, or historical sites need to be preserved.

It is important you choose an excavation company that has commercial experience as there are different methods that need to be considered, various equipment, and important permits and precautions that need to be followed.

Professional Team and Equipment

Heavy equipment is needed to remove the rocks and then dig down deep enough to get the desired depth. The dirt and rocks that are removed need to be broken down and removed from the site continuously. A commercial property may also require the dig to be at different levels. If there are to be multiple levels below, like for parking or storage, then the dig needs to go much deeper than it would for a regular basement.

Depending on what may have been there before, it can be a hazard to remove. Gas tanks, old plumbing, or other possibly contaminated soil need to be removed and replaced.

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Please consider contacting us for all your commercial concrete needs. We have years of combined experience and offer many different services for commercial needs. Contact us below or call (775) 355-0251.

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The process of commercial excavation can be difficult and time-consuming, but it's important that it's done correctly by professionals

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